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Welcome to the World of UNOIA

We are a CBD Lifestyle brand focused on mental health, mindfulness, and self care.

What is UNOIA?

Unoia [u-noy-uh] means beautiful thinking

Unoia (which means beautiful thinking) is an Atlanta based, premium CBD lifestyle and product company focused on mental health, mindfulness and self-care. With products ranging from tinctures to gummies to topicals to pet products, Unoia has CBD products for every beautiful thinker (and their pets). As a black, LGBTQ+ woman couple, founders Brandé Elise and Danielle Gray wanted to create a CBD brand with a soul that is completely invested in their customers' mental wealth and self-care journey.

With trusted certified lab tests (Certificate of Analysis) for each one of the hemp derived CBD products, Unoia products empower people to take control of their peace. Unoia believes people can enter into a space of beautiful thinking where they can be their very best version of themselves. 

For more information, visit these pages: CBD Lab TestsCBD Dosage Guides

Danielle Gray

Danielle Gray, MBA has always been a bit out of the box - it makes sense how naturally marketing comes to her. She has owned and operated her marketing firm since 2016 and has traveled the country speaking to over 10,000 people. As CEO, Danielle leads overall strategy, including marketing, sales and operations.

Hometown: Stone Mountain, GA

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Brandé Elise

Brande Elise describes herself as a combination of every person she’s ever met. As a co-Founder of UNOIA, she brings an exhaustive network of celebrities, artists, photographers and influencers to the table. Brandé Elise is also a Pilates Instructor, Voiceover Artist, and TV/Event Host.

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

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