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Welcome to the World of Unoia

We are a CBD Lifestyle brand focused on mental health, mindfulness, and self care.

What is Unoia?

Unoia [u-noy-uh] means beautiful thinking

Unoia was established in Atlanta, Georgia by founders, Brandé Elise and Danielle Gray in May 2018. The company grew rapidly once the city learned about their signature CBD honey and CBD agave products. Upon rebranding in April 2020, Unoia has expanded its product line to include CBD oral drops, CBD Muscle Relief, CBD Soothing Salve, CBD Pet Treats and Tinctures.

What Makes Unoia Different


We are more than just a CBD company, we are a team of beautiful thinkers committed to creating a better, more beautiful world internally and externally. We do a few things differently.


Here's what makes us different:

  • We believe in using CBD as a tool instead of the solution.

  • We provide mental health resources to help customers achieve 'beautiful thinking'

  • We provide access to education for our customers to learn more about CBD.

  • We care... really, really care about your mental and physical wellness.

Review our Certificate of Analysis (COA)

(Every CBD company should have third party lab tests)

Brande Elise


Chief Connection Officer

Brande Elise describes herself as a combination of every person she’s ever met. As a co-Founder of UNOIA, she brings an exhaustive network of celebrities, artists, photographers and influencers to the table. She also is a voiceover artist, event host, and red carpet correspondent.

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

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Danielle Gray


Chief Creation Officer

Danielle Gray, MBA has always been a bit out of the box - it makes sense how naturally marketing comes to her. She has owned and operated her marketing firm, DG Marketing Co. since 2016 and has traveled the country speaking to over 10,000 people. She developed and designed the UNOIA logo, brand and all marketing materials.

Hometown: Stone Mountain, GA

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