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Bring UNOIA to your business!

Enjoy 50% Markup! Sell CBD in your business to your customers.

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Inside the CBD Wholesale Starter Kit

Spend $500. Make $1000.

Want to sell Unoia CBD at your business? Invest in our CBD Wholesale Starter Pack. This includes:

  • 4 x 1000mg CBD Oral Drops

  • 4 x Vegan CBD Gummies

  • 4 x CBD-CBN Night Night Drops

  • 4 x CBD Soothing Salve

  • 10 x CBD Gummies On-The-Go



Want to include the display and educational signs that will help you sell? For only $40 more, we will send you:

  • Product counter display

  • 2 x Educational Signs about CBD

Order CBD Wholesale Starter Kit Now

Sell Unoia CBD 

Unoia is now offering wholesale pricing for bulk purchases.


Selling CBD is great for:

  • Wellness Stores

  • Boutique Hotels

  • Yoga studios

  • Spas

  • Chiropractor & Massage Therapist Offices

  • Tattoo Shops

  • Pet Stores

  • Groomers 

  • Veterinarian Offices 

  • Tea/Coffee Shops


Customize Your Wholesale Order

We currently have a CBD Wholesale Starter Kit available. However, you can also customize your wholesale order. 


Here is a list of CBD products currently available for wholesale:

  • CBD Oral Drops (500mg & 1000mg)

  • CBD Soothing Salve (900mg)

  • CBD Vegan Gummies (30-count | 10mg each)

  • CBD | CBN Night Night Oral Drops (1500mg)

  • CBD Muscle Freeze Roll-On (3000mg)

  • CBD for PETS: CBD Peanut Butter Dog Treats (30-count | 5mg each)

  • CBD for PETS: CBD Pet Tincture (250mg & 500mg)

Resources: CBD Lab TestsCBD Dosage Guides

Our Custom Wholesale Process

We make the process super easy for you to bring Unoia to your city.

Step 1:

Complete Form

Step 2:

Select Products

Step 3: 

Pay Invoice

Step 4: 


Wholesale Request Form

Don't worry, this isn't an order. Complete the form to access our wholesale packet.

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