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10 Ways to Protect Your Peace with CBD This Holiday Season

The holidays can be a rollercoaster for many of us. For some, it can be stressful being around family. For others, it can be sad without loved ones with us. In any case, holidays blues can feel real in our physical body and our mental state. Since CBD has been known to help with inflammation, chronic pain, anxiety and sleep, we are sharing ten ways CBD can protect your peace during this holiday season.

1. Take CBD before Difficult/Awkward Family Gatherings

Enjoy the chill and unbothered feeling when faced with awkward scenarios.

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2. Apply CBD Topical when cold + rainy weather make your joints stiff.

If you feel when it's about to rain based on your knees, it's time for CBD.

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3. Try CBD before bed to slow your mind down thinking about holiday to-dos.

From holiday shopping to preparing for company, our brains are busy during the holidays. Try CBD to help you settle and focus without the unwanted anxiety.

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4. Want to be more patient during the holidays? Take CBD!

If you know your aunt is going to say something insanely against everything you believe in, take some CBD beforehand to help you respond thoughtfully.

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5. Give your pet CBD before having family + friends over.

Some pets are a bit disruptive when you have company, that's why we suggest giving CBD to your hyper pets about 45 minutes beforehand.

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6. Try CBD when you feel overwhelmed.

Along with taking several deep breaths, take some CBD if you can feel yourself getting overwhelmed, annoyed, depressed or anxious.

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7. Share CBD with your family + friends.

Share your CBD with your family to show them how it feels and how it can help. The more you can educate, the more your family may be less dependent on pills.

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8. Gift CBD to your loved ones who struggle with chronic pain.

Do your parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles having issues with chronic pain, inflammation, sleeping through the night, gift CBD to help.

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9. Infuse CBD into your date night massage during cuffing season.

It's cuffing season, which means it's cold outside and warm inside. For a nice date night, try giving your partner a massage and/or a CBD gummy to relax into a beautiful evening.

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10. Take CBD before entering tense environments.

Be honest about the toxic environments you may find yourself in during the holiday season. You know it's coming, so take CBD beforehand.

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Got some other examples? Tell us when you use CBD to protect your peace In the comment section below. Ready to order your CBD products? Shop now.

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