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5 Ways to Infuse CBD into Your Self-Care Routine

In order for us to care for others, we must first, take care for ourselves. Self-care shouldn't be something we do once we're on edge, it's something we should be doing often as preventative care. Similar to brushing your teeth, self-care should be a part of your daily routine.

Why Infuse CBD & Self-Care

CBD is a great tool for someone who needs help getting into the mood of self-care. Just simply relaxing can be hard for some people to do. That's why CBD serves as a tool that helps turn down the volume of those voices in your head. When we are at ease, we are much more likely to be mindful and present enough to enjoy self-care.

5 Ways to Infuse CBD Into Your Self-Care Routine

Here's a few CBD products we recommend infusing into your self-care routine:

  1. CBD Gummies Before Meditation

  2. CBD Soothing Salve During Massages

  3. CBD Oral Drops Before Reading

  4. CBD Muscle Freeze Roll-On After Work

  5. CBD:CBN Night Night Drops Before Bed

1. CBD Gummies Before Meditation

Meditation can feel like a daunting task to people that have a hard time putting their brain at ease. Some feel like shutting your brain off to meditate feels impossible. At a dosage of 10mg each, Unoia CBD Gummies can be nice to take to help our mind slow down a bit. Try one or two 10mg gummies 30 minutes before you mediate or go to a yoga class.

Here's a 25 minute Unoia Meditation on our YouTube if you'd like to listen next time you meditate (the graphics in the video are a vibe too).

2. CBD Soothing Salves During Massages

Whether you, your partner or professional massage therapist is massaging your body, using CBD during massages can feel magical to your muscles and joints. Apply the Unoia CBD Soothing Salve to your back, thighs, neck, shoulders, knees and any other problem areas you have.

3. CBD Oral Drops Before Reading

It can be hard for some people to concentrate while reading or listening to a book. Instead of following the story, their real life stories keep interrupting their concentration. Unoia CBD Oral Drops helps you to focus while empowering you to relax into mindfulness while reading your book. P.S. The 4 Agreements is a favorite!

Click to learn more about CBD Oral Drops

4. CBD Muscle Freeze Roll-On After Work

How does your body feel after working all day? Stiff? Infusing the Unoia CBD Muscle Freeze Roll-On into your self-care routine after work can help your body feel more flexible and relaxed. Apply the Roll-On to your stiff muscles and joints. Enjoy a nice cold sensation as you roll-on. P.S. This Roll-On is now available in 3000mg!

5. CBD:CBN Night Night Drops Before Bed

Did you know that nearly 60% of adults experience issues sleeping at some point? Some people have issues falling asleep while others have issues staying asleep (or both). For those with issues with restful sleep, we recommend taking Unoia CBD:CBN Night Night Drops one hour before bed as it slowly relaxes you into slumber. Since this product combines CBD and CBN, you'll experience a very natural, relaxing deep sleep without feeling groggy the next morning.


As you see, CBD is not the only tool, it is one of many tools of self-care. As a tool, it can be used to help you with mindfulness, mental health and self-care. If you have any specific questions as it relates to your unique medical condition, be sure to consult a healthcare professional.

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