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Why Older Adults & Seniors Now Turn to CBD for Mental & Physical Relief

As humans, we encounter anxiety, chronic pain, inflammation and lack of sleep at different parts of our lives. For seniors and older adults, all of these issues could be happening all at once. That is why many seniors have been shifting to CBD to help them cope with these common mental and physical issues in a more natural way.

Anxiety in Seniors

A recent study from the International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry found that more than 27% of older adults under the care of an aging service provider have symptoms of anxiety that may not amount to diagnosis of a disorder, but significantly impact their functioning.

This anxiety may come from being displaced from their home, family, work, and the life they've known. It could also come from the challenge of finding purpose in this stage of their life. Like depression, anxiety is often unrecognized and under treated in older adults. Anxiety can worsen an older adult’s physical health, decrease their ability to perform daily activities, and decrease feelings of well-being.

This is why CBD has become a popular option for seniors that need some help relieving their anxiety.

CBD Product Suggestions - Anxiety

Chronic Pain + Inflammation in Seniors

The prevalence of chronic pain is nearly 83% among seniors in nursing homes. A majority of the seniors suffer from chronic pain that significantly alters their daily activities and imposes an enormous burden on health care. To help manage this pain, many doctors prescribe opioids to help them cope. However, seniors are now learning about more natural options like CBD to help with this chronic pain and inflammation.

CBD topicals, like salves and roll-ons, have been a favorite among seniors because it can easily be applied to their problem areas. The most popular places seniors apply CBD are on the back, knees, shoulders, neck, hands and hips. Aging adults with arthritis have found CBD to be greatly helpful for relief and reduction in inflammation.

Learn more here: Managing Chronic Pain in the Elderly: An Overview of the Recent Therapeutic Advancements.

CBD Product Suggestions - Inflammation + Chronic Pain

Lack of Sleep in Seniors

According to the National Sleep Foundation, up to 24% of people 65+ are receiving treatment for four or more health conditions. Statistics also indicate aging adults living with multiple chronic conditions have a greater chance of experiencing sleep deprivation.

An insufficient amount of sleep can lead to the development of conditions such as obesity and diabetes, and it can also exacerbate cardiovascular problems. Sleep allows the brain to process the information it receives during the day and make pathways to connect old and new information. Inadequate sleep and insomnia can lead to poor judgment. This can be especially problematic for seniors who are already experiencing cognitive decline due to dementia.

CBD has been known to help many seniors with sleeping - both falling asleep and staying asleep. Here's a quote from one of our senior customers that use our Night Night Drops for sleep:

Two nights of SLEEPING with your drops! I take 1/4 (lowest amount) and sleep 😴 is my friend. THANKS, THANKS, THANKS! I just had an appointment with my doctor and said everything I am doing is fine! Thanks again for the drops!

Learn more: How Are Older Adults Affected by Sleep Deprivation?

CBD Product Suggestions - Lack of Sleep + Insomnia


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Want to host a CBD Education Session at your Senior Facility?

Our team at Unoia is now offering virtual and in-person CBD educational sessions to senior living facilities. We allow the senior community to ask questions and learn about how it can be a natural way to find relief. If you are interested in booking a session with us for your facility, email us at

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