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Atlanta-Based Female Couple Infuses the City’s Culture with Mindfulness to Create New CBD Company

UNOIA Co-Founders are radiating with excitement as they launch their new CBD infused honey and agave company.

Brandé Elise and Danielle Gray
Founders, Danielle Gray and Brandé Elise

ATLANTA, GA — UNOIA (pronounced u-noy-uh), a female-owned CBD infused organic honey and agave company, announces the official brand launch this summer in Atlanta, Georgia. UNOIA, which means beautiful thinking, was founded to provide a healthy and harmless way for people to integrate CBD into their current routine.

Self-proclaimed cannabis nerds and enthusiasts, Brande Elise and Danielle Gray own one of the first phytocannabinoid hemp oil (CBD) companies of its kind in one of the most conservative regions in the country — the South. Danielle accounts, “Atlanta is progressive and cultured, but overall, we have to remember that we live in a very conservative state where people become apprehensive just talking about it. It may be old news to the West Coast, but this is all new to the South. We take it on as our job to educate people about CBD and the benefits it provides.”

Co-founder, Brande Elise, a well-known commercial and radio Voiceover Artist came up with the CBD infused honey while she was sipping her tea before an audition. “Smoking in any form hurts my throat, so I just wanted to come up with an organic solution that was healthy and calming.” Brande Elise continues, “People are using the honey all types of ways since it’s such an organic product. From using the honey for a facial mask to adding it in tea, our customers are loving it because it’s a product they are already using!”

World of Unoia Founders
Founders, Brande Elise and Danielle are excited about the news of their new CBD company.

Once Brande Elise had the idea, co-founder and marketing strategy executive, Danielle Gray took it upon herself to create a brand that spoke to a movement rather than just a product. Danielle designed and implemented every piece of the marketing strategy, from the website to the logo. She designed the logo to be a visual representation of where their products take people — the portal into beautiful thinking. She also intentionally used the color green to align with the color associated with the heart chakra, which focuses on balance, calmness and serenity. Danielle describes, “When we disrupt mental and physical blockages like anxiety and chronic pain, we can be creative and think beautifully. We’ve found most companies focus on the medical benefits of CBD, so we’ve just taken it a step further to highlight the freedom and ease of thought it provides as well.”

The duo has been working on this concept for over a year and have found most Southern investors frightened by the thought of CBD. However, they strongly believe this is a concept that the world needs. Brande comments, “We’re creating a global movement of beautiful thinking. CBD is our focus first since THC isn’t legal here yet, but as legalities become more clear, we absolutely want to venture into the psychoactive cannabinoid, THC.” Brande is currently enrolled in Cannabis Training University to receive her Master of Cannabis Certification.

The African American female LGBT duo recognizes that they have a unique perspective and excited to provide representation in this industry. Danielle energetically adds, “Too many people of color have lost so much of their lives behind a cell for something corporations are making billions off of now. It’s not right. We represent people of color, LGBT people and women, but more than all this, we are humans. We deserve to be in that room, even if we have to build the room ourselves.”

Brande Elise concludes, “We are in a green rush and it’s time for Atlanta to be in on the conversation.” Danielle jokingly adds, “As one of my favorite rap groups, Outkast has said — the South has something to say.”


UNOIA is a CBD infused honey and agave company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia that uses lab tested 0.0% THC-Free Phytocannabinoid-Rich Hemp Oil (CBD) in their products. The mission of the company is to disrupt physical and mental blockages to ignite beautiful thinking. To purchase products and learn more about the company, visit their website, and follow them on Instagram @worldofunoia for the latest updates and CBD education.

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