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Myths vs. Facts: The Most Common Misconceptions About CBD

We get it! For many people, CBD is a completely new option. You may need a clear reminder of what is and what is not true about CBD. That's why it is so important for us to share CBD education with you. Let's get into them!

MYTH #1: CBD makes you high.

FACT: WRONG. CBD does not make you high. CBD feels more like relaxation and a state of being bothered. Many people that take CBD often use for anxiety, chronic pain and sleep. Instead of giving you a high, CBD actually helps take away the intense feelings of these physical and mental discomforts.

Check out our Google reviews for what people are saying about the effects of CBD.

MYTH #2: CBD is illegal.

FACT: NOPE! In the United States (and several other countries), CBD is federally legal! The Farm Bill of of 2018 federally legalized hemp -- which is where CBD can be derived. With this federal legalization, you can comfortably buy from stores and purchase online to ship to your home.

The important note here is that regulations for these CBD products are still developing. Therefore, you should always want to check the COA (Certificate of Analysis) lab tests to ensure there is less than 0.3% THC inside. If a company does not have them, we strongly suggest you beware.

We always have our COA third party lab test available for our customers to review.

MYTH #3: You'll fail a drug test.

FACT: As long as you can verify on a COA lab test, CBD is perfectly fine to pass a drug test! For extra comfort, many people use CBD products with 0.0% THC. Many flight attendants and government workers feel worry-free and comfortable using THC Free CBD products.

Check out this blog about why some professionals are more drawn to the THC Free CBD Products.

MYTH #4: CBD doesn't do anything.

FACT: This is literally the furtherest from the truth. The common uses for CBD include anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia and inflammation. Our CEO, Danielle Gray describes the impact of CBD like this, "CBD isn't about what you feel, it's about what you don't feel." You may not feel a high, but you won't feel high anxiety, chronic pain, and restlessness.

It's simple:

If you're looking to get high, CBD is not right for you.

If you want to feel relaxed and relief, CBD is right for you.


Have specific questions about CBD? we'll do our best to answer it for you. Submit your CBD questions on our contact page.

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