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CBD Dosage Guide | How Much CBD Should I Take?

One of the most asked questions from our customers is, "How much CBD should I take?" It's always a challenging question to answer because it depends on several factors:

  • Body weight

  • Condition you want to soothe

  • Body chemistry

  • CBD concentration in the product

Where Do I Start?

Use the CBD Dosage Guide below to help you navigate CBD dosage. Be sure to check in with your mind and body to rate your condition from mild to severe. It's suggested to start lower and build as you become more aware of its affects.

This helps you determine how much CBD you should take by your weight and condition.
CBD Dosage Guide for Gummies and Oil Drops

For the oil/tincture lovers, we also know that figuring out the right amount can be challenging. How much of the dropper should you use to get the right dose? See CBD Oil Dropper Guide below. Be sure to note your bottle milligram. For example, Unoia has 500mg and 1000mg CBD Oral Drops available.

This helps you determine how much CBD you are taking with your oil dropper.
CBD Oil Dropper Guide

CBD for Dogs

If you haven't heard, pet ownership is booming. Why? Unfortunately, the global pandemic was a huge reason why people adopted pets to help with loneliness during quarantine. Now, people are starting to return to somewhat normalcy and their pets aren't too happy about it. This is why so many pet owners are turning to CBD to help with their hyper, senior and nervous furry friends.

We recommend CBD Peanut Butter Dog Treats for your pups and CBD Pet Tincture for all mammals including, but not limited to: cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters, goats and horses. We recommend 1 -3 mg of CBD per 10 pounds of weight for pets. See the CBD Dosage Guide for Pets below.

CBD Dosage Guide for Pets

NOTE: We are not healthcare professionals. Please do your research before trying CBD. All CBD should be lab tested.

We hope this helps you as you dive into the World of Unoia CBD Products. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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