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Does CBD Make Sex Hotter? Here's Some CBD Date Night Tips

Even though some of us may not admit it, sex can be overwhelming to a lot of people. Thoughts like these can cross our mind:

  • Do I like this position?

  • Should I say when I don't like that to my partner?

  • Will I be judged if I have a fantasy?

  • Did my partner like it what I did?

  • How do I get us in the mood?

These thoughts can be overwhelming and often times holds us back from having a good time sexually. That's why we suggest adding CBD to your sexual routine.

CBD Date Night

How to Integrate CBD into your Date Night

As you get into your date night, your unlikely hero could be CBD. Here's a few steps you can take with our CBD Date Night Package.

Step 1: To help take the edge off, feed your partner a gummy as an intimate gesture to start up the night. This will allow you and your partner to be more present and mindful while also quieting your minds.

Don't take too much, you might fall asleep! Even though we know those CBD Vegan Gummies are good, don't take too much. Your date night will end before it begins with a good sleep! Haha!

Step 2: Give your partner a massage with the CBD Soothing Salve. The Salve helps relax the muscles and the massage helps engage the physical touch needed to help initiate sex.

Step 3: Now, this is all you! With your CBD in your system, allow yourself to be present and pay attention to your partner. Be in the moment and enjoy!

Step 4: You'll likely fall right to sleep with a sexy date night. However, not all of us sleep deeply throughout the night. If you can relate, you and your partner should take one or two more CBD Fruit Gummies for sleeping assistance. Who knows... another round could start in the morning!

It’s hard to say just how many people are using CBD in the bedroom, but a recent survey of 5,398 Americans from Remedy Review, a website that focuses on CBD and natural health remedies, found that 9.3 percent of respondents have taken CBD for sex. The majority of those respondents said their orgasms were more intense after taking CBD.

As we approach Valentine's Day and come up with your best date ideas, be sure to incorporate CBD. You'll thank us later! For more information about CBD and Sex, check out this great article: Can CBD Make Sex Better? Here's What the Experts Say

Grab your CBD Date Night Package today!

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