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Why Women Now Choose CBD for Menstrual Cramps

75% of women experience some form of pain during their menstrual cycle, and for 10%, the pain is disabling to the point of completely affecting their daily lives.

As a women-owned company, we are very connected to women needs and issues. With that, we are aware of something that many women face -- monthly menstrual cramps. Not only is it about cramps, mood can also be impacted during this time of the month as well.

Why Women Choose CBD for Cramps

CBD has been gaining popularity with women who want to relieve menstrual pain without necessarily resorting to common painkillers. CBD has long been studied for the treatment of many forms of pain and inflammation.

Menstrual cramps are exacerbated by contractions of the muscles that line the uterus - and CBD is widely known to relax these muscles. CBD targets different receptors embedded in the muscle tissue and, by relaxing it, decreases the contractions.

Recommended CBD Usage

The most impactful way to use CBD is the CBD oil. By taking sublingually under the tongue. We recommend using CBD Oral Drops a few days before your menstrual cycle and during your cycle.

Another way to use CBD for cramps is CBD Gummies. Although the gummies go through your digestive system and take a bit longer to feel an impact, the gummies can be easier to dose (and tastes good). If you just want to test the gummies, we now have a Gummies On-The-Go 5-Pack available to try.

CBD Dosage for Cramps

Question: How much CBD should I take for menstrual cramps?

Answer: It depends.

Every woman is different and has varying ranges of pain and discomfort. We recommend you reading our page dedicated to dosage*. Keep in mind, condition is the level of severity of pain, anxiety, inflammation you feel.

*We've added the dosage guides here for your ease.

Learn more about CBD and Menstrual Cramps in this Medical News Today article.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email us at

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