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Why Some Professionals Choose THC-Free CBD Products

When it comes to hemp derived CBD, consumers have so many choices. They can choose from full spectrum, broad spectrum or even isolate CBD products. But recently, there seems to be a huge interest in broad spectrum, but why?

Some consumers prefer CBD products with 0.0% THC.

But before we go too deep, let's first identify the differences between broad spectrum, full spectrum and isolate CBD.

Broad Spectrum CBD: a hemp-derived CBD product that includes naturally occurring cannabinoids, but completely removes the THC cannabinoid. With broad spectrum CBD, consumers can enjoy the combination of the helpful cannabinoids minus the THC.

Full Spectrum CBD: a hemp-derived CBD product that includes all naturally occurring cannabinoids, which can include up to 0.3% THC. With full spectrum CBD, consumers can enjoy the impactful combination of the cannabinoids with the low level of THC.

Isolate CBD: a hemp-derived CBD product that only contains the CBD cannabinoid exclusively. With isolate products, consumers will not receive all the benefits of other cannabinoids working with the CBD.

Why Some Professionals Feel Safe with THC-Free CBD Products

Some professions make it very scary to try any CBD product with THC in it. For example, flight attendants, healthcare professionals, government workers, corporate professionals and others fear losing their job if THC is found in their system.

Case Study: The Sleep Struggle for A Newbie Flight Attendant

As a new flight attendant, K.D. was super excited about her new job at a leading airline. Since she was at the beginning of her career, she was usually sent on the less desirable flights. When she finally reached her hotel room, she always had a hard time falling asleep at unusual hours before her next flight.

After months of little rest, she did some research about CBD. Although airline companies were warning their employees of all CBD because of the fear of THC, she did more research. That's when she discovered Unoia CBD Oral Drops 1000mg -- a broad spectrum CBD product with no THC in it.

With her insomnia at an all-time high, she decided to take the drops before a quick turnaround flight. She took one full dropper of the 1000mg drops and found herself in a restful sleep 30 minutes later. She woke up refreshed more than she had in months and knew these drops had to be incorporated into her routine.

A few months later, K.D was selected for a random drug test and was slightly nervous about the outcome because she had been taking the CBD every night -- but it was THC-Free Broad Spectrum, it should be okay right?

After only a few moments, she was cleared to go home and felt confident in the CBD she had chosen. THC Free CBD products helped her safeguard the job of her dreams while also maintaining wellness routine that kept her energized.*

*This is a real testimonial from one of our customers.


Although broad spectrum products aren't quite branded as the coolest, they work really well for those that are a bit apprehensive about THC and the feeling of being 'high'. As consumers, we have a choice. If you're new to CBD, here's some suggestions below.

If you're interested in trying 0.0% THC-Free broad spectrum products, we suggest the following:

If you're interested in our full-spectrum topical products, we suggest the following:

Got Pets? We offer THC-Free Products for pets too!

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